1. Organic food just tastes better.
  2. It contains no pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. The average conventionally grown apple has 20-30 artificial poisons on its skin, even after rinsing!
  3. Organic production is fully sustainable and environmentally sound, and helps support small independent farms and growers.
  4. Organic produce contains on average 50% more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other micro-nutrients than intensively farmed produce.
  5. It’s a responsible, sustainable and healthy way to live, and you’ll feel good about yourself too.

Why The Organic Delivery Company?

  1. If you want to eat healthy, delicious organic food, with a keen eye for the change in your pocket, The Organic Delivery Company is here to help. They are a small, friendly service with nationwide delivery.
  2. The Organic Delivery Company is committed to making your food as sustainable and ethical as possible and all their organic food and our business is fully certified by The Soil Association.
  3. Like us, they love mouth-watering food made by small independent suppliers and avoiding unnecessary packaging. They do their best to avoid products that have been air-freighted and work with growers and producers that are based as close to them as possible.
  4. They stick by a ‘50/50 Philosophy’ – better for one of their drivers to deliver to 50 homes in geographical order, than for 50 people to head out to the shops. (Research by DEFRA shows that people travelling to the shops create a staggering 70% of all food miles).
  5. Know that organic farming uses less energy, can lower carbon emissions, emits fewer greenhouse gases in general, provides more jobs, and supports more of our wonderful British wildlife.

Take a look at what The Organic Delivery Company have to offer.