Valentine’s Day is fast approaching (February 14 to be exact if you forgot 五) and if you want to get started on your Valentine’s Day shopping, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s for breakfast in bed or a romantic meal out, we have small scale food and drink producers who are here to provide the best foodie (and boozie) gifts, putting the finest ingredients on your plate.

The Good Morning Breakfast Box

Wake up with a passionate start to the day. Everything you need is right here, including our smoked bacon, salmon, haddock and whole kippers, enhanced with superb condiments and preserves, all to be washed down with a fine cup of tea.

Strawberry Love Forever

A special brownie for the season of love.

This takes all of Yummy Yank’s usual fantastic brownie ingredients with strawberry jam and strawberry marshmallow fluff (vegetarian) mixed in.

Topped with more strawberry marshmallow fluff and a freeze dried strawberry piece – which sometimes looks a lot like a heart! Ahhhh! 

Love at first bite!

Lindisfarne Oysters

Wonderfull Local Oysters reared in the clear North Oyster sea beds at Lindisfarne just south of Berwick on Tweed.

Delicious with lemon or a dash of tabasco sauce.

Filey Bay Flagship Whisky

Light, fruity and creamy, this Flagship single malt is made with 100% homegrown barley and is the culmination of the distillerys bourbon matured style following on from their First and Second Releases launched in 2019. It is now beautifully rounded and will be forming the cornerstone to their upcoming core range. 

Giusti Rosalia Prosecco Treviso

Intense, fruity, with hints of Golden apple and lemon; prevailing floral notes of wisteria and acacia. Prosecco made with the best Glera grapes coming from vineyards located in the Veneto region in the Pieve area of the Trevisan March in the municipality of Nervesa Della Battaglia and more specifically from the vineyards of the Rosalia estate.

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