With the festive season fast approaching with the days growing darker and colder it’s time to start planning for Christmas dinner. Whether you fancy something different this year for Christmas or are just not a fan of Turkey we’ve put together a selection of show stopping alternatives for you to enjoy with your closest loved ones.

Longhorn Beef Sirloin Joint on the Bone

Supplier: Huntsham Outstanding Rare Breed Meat

Huntsham beef comes from the Huntsham herd of rare breed Longhorn cattle. These old-fashioned, cattle were first bred over 200 years ago and were the breed which made England famous for its fine roast beef. The Longhorn is rare, but the quality of its meat remains outstanding.

Huntsham beef is hung for nearly five weeks so that the fine-grained, well-marbled meat reaches its full potential.

Fabulous Sirloin Joint on the bone for you to spoil your family and guests with.

Native Gold Scotch Beef Rib Roast on the Bone

Supplier: The Buffalo Farm

Selected native beef bred locally and matured on the bone for a minimum of 21 days using a traditional dry-aging process for extra tenderness and flavour.

A real treat for a special occasion! Fantastic, flavoursome roast which looks impressive when presented to the table.

The roast is French trimmed and tied by our skilled butchers, ready for you to season and cook.

Christmas For Two

Supplier: Alternative Meats

Alternative Meats have selected some of their most popular products to be included in the Christmas For Two Hamper, that will create some really wonderful meals and memorable moments over the holiday.

The Christmas For Two selection comprises:

  • Smoked Duck Breasts x 2
  • 500g Welsh Wagyu Beef Topside Roast
  • Mangalitza Sausages x 1 pack
  • Rose Veal Fillet Steaks x 2

Luxury Seafood Platter for 6 to 8

Supplier: Berwick Shellfish Company

What you get:

  • Dressed Lobster x 2 (large)
  • Dressed Crab x 3 ( XL )
  • Langoustines x 8 (Jumbo)
  • Cocktail Crab Claws x 12
  • Cooked Crevettes x 10
  • Hot Smoked Salmon x 250g
  • Crayfish Tails x 110g
  • Homemade, Luxury Seafood Sauce & Tartar Sauce

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