If you’re looking for juicing recipes that rejuvenate, cleanse, energise, improve diet or help with recovery, then you’re doing so because you have the best intentions of putting good nutrients into your body.

Drinking homemade juice is a great way to get healthy. Here are three key reasons why:

  • It’s an efficient way to absorb nutrients from fruits, vegetables and salads
  • It makes it much easier to consume more fruits, vegetables and salads
  • It makes it much easier to consume a wider variety of fruits, vegetables and salads.

Although consuming some juice is better than no juice at all, the BEST way of benefiting from your juicing recipes is to make them using ONLY organic ingredients and to drink them as soon after preparation as possible.

Why you should only create your juices using organic ingredients:

When you juice non-organic fresh fruits, vegetables and salads that have been grown using pesticides made with chemicals, you are not only consuming the nutrients, but also the chemicals in the pesticides. That’s why it’s always best to grow your own fruits, vegetables and salads, but when that’s not possible, you should always buy organic. Some people argue that peeling and washing non-organic produce will remove all of the pesticide chemicals – but this is not true. Many of the chemicals from pesticides are stored inside the fibres of the fruits and vegetables themselves making it impossible to remove the bulk of the chemicals, whereas organic produce is free from chemicals so you’ll only be getting the goodness from your juices.

Why you should drink your juice quickly after preparation (and avoid storing for days):

When you remove protective skins and change the composition of your fruits, vegetables and salads from solids to liquids, oxidisation begins to take place immediately. Oxidisation destroys the enzymes in juice. If you make your juices using non-organic ingredients and leave it to oxidise for too long before consuming, then oxidisation will kill some of the chemicals from the pesticides, but it will also kill the beneficial enzymes and nutrients in your juice – which is bad news if you want to reap the full health benefits of your juice. If you’re juicing using organic ingredients, then you don’t need to worry about chemicals, but we recommend that you drink your organic juice pronto once it’s made in order to fully benefit from its nutritional benefits. If you need to juice in advance then make sure you keep the juices in the fridge until you are ready to drink them.

Blog Credit: Organic Delivery Company.

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